Hello and welcome to my page!
My name is Helen and I'm a freelance illustrator based in Switzerland. I specialize in creating art for children's books, toys, and activity games, and I absolutely love what I do.
In addition to my illustration work, I also run my own online shop where I sell cute and unique items inspired by everything cute and Japan. As someone who's always been fascinated by Japanese culture, it's a joy to be able to share my passion with others through my work.
Whether I'm creating a whimsical character for a children's book or designing a new product for my online shop, I always strive to infuse my art with a sense of playfulness and wonder. I believe that art has the power to bring joy and inspiration to people of all ages, and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to make a career out of doing what I love.
Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and my work. If you're interested in collaborating on a project or checking out some of my products, feel free to reach out - I'd love to hear from you!

I'm always excited to take on new projects,
so for inquiries:

Auzou Editions
Happy Sailor Books
Friends at Work for Lindsey Stirling
Bjorkt Print
Callie Collwick
Candy Corpse
Heroine NY
Bucketlist Bombshells


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